Kittie – Oracle (Artemis Records) - Back
“Oracle” is the latest effort from the Canadian trio Kittie. The band continues from their last album with pretty much the same sound with simple catchy riffs, somewhat similar to hardcore. They have made their music a little more dynamic, but it’s pretty much straight forward. The album is made up of eleven intense songs and a couple minutes short of an even fifty in length. I thought over half the songs were at least decent. My favorites include “In Winters,” “No Name,” and the Pink Floyd cover of “Run Like Hell.” It might not be a cover that has the same complexity of the original, but I always think highly of bands that can make a cover songs sound like their own. Why should a band do a cover song and make it sound exactly like the original? If your going to do a cover, you should do what Kittie did here, and make it sound like the other songs on the album. Overall this is a good energy filled album, and I hope these ladies continue on with their ferocious vocals, catchy riffs and heavy drum beats.

Rating: 84