Kittie - Until The End (Artemis Records) - Back
The ladies of metal, Kittie, are back with their third album. These ferocious women have never been more metal! “Until The End” is somewhat similar to other albums, but they now roar louder than before. Basically, they continue their unique style of metal with heavier influences and are now more extreme. Kittie has really improved all around. There is much more contrast in their composition. The music has more vibrant melodies and a more professional sound. Melodies are used to offset the aggressive heavy riffs and it works well. Choruses rock more and the songs flow nicely. Its almost as if they have picked up influences and elements from bands they hit the road with. As a whole, the songs feel as if they are longer and at the same time have an epic feeling. You can’t forget about the more prevalent double bass and more screaming. She shows that she can sing too. Over forty-one minutes in a total of eleven tracks will show this reawakening of this band. A few tracks I take pleasure in consist of “Look So Pretty,” “Red Flag,” “Sugar” and “Into the Darkness.” The track “Into the Darkness” might be the bands best-written song ever. I love the chorus! It gives me chills… Fucking Rock On!

Rating: 83