Kittie - Spit (Ng Records) - Back
Kittie is an all female band from Canada. That should not be shocking to you, but the bigger aspect of this is that this is a metal band and all four of these ladies are no older than 17. The ages of these band members are from 15 to 17 and the punch and energy that is in their music is amazing. The name of their album is "Spit," which is also the title of the first track on their CD. "Spit," "Brackish" (which is going to have a video shoot in NYC coming up), and a host of other songs that make you want to nod your head and thrash around. They aren't your typical "chick-band," they have as much energy as any other metal or hardcore band. Crisis was the first band that reminded me of their music. But they seem to have much catchier riffs then Crisis. Its like Korn's first album mixed with Crisis and a touch of Fear Factory. Really heavy and intense music. They have gained respect with such bands as Skinlab, Pissing Razors and the Misfits, who they have all played with on their past live performances. Their new album has been delayed to early next year, probably around January. Ng Records just recently received news that the Cds won't go into full production because of an earthquake in China. But this album is definitely an album to wait for. I give this album a 89 rating, yes the band is young, but I love what they have done so far and they can only get better! They currently don't have any tour plans in the immediate future, probably due to their new member Talena, who is replacing Tanya because of personal reasons. Look for theses young ladies in the area, they are definitely not something you want to miss.

Rating: 89