Klimt 1918 - Undressed Momento (My Kingdom Music) - Back
WOW!!!! This one is intriguing and no wonder... Massimiliano Pagliuso and Giuseppe Orlando from Novembre are major contributions (keyboards & backing vocals)!! Recorded, mixed and mastered at Outer Sound Studios, Klimt 1918 have created a near-perfect Post-Modern/Alternative Metal version of The Cure. Do not let the intro throw your mind for a loop (just laugh, I did)... I was a bit skeptical when I first heard it, which is in fact the only flaw I heard in it's entirety, but the rest more than makes up for it. The guitar harmonies are angelic with an almost 80's-pop feel, but the heavy parts are very modern and progressive. The percussive section is equally as impressive... not just typical fall-in-sync kick n' snare with single chord bass-taps - actually sounds a bit jazzy in essence, with some double kicks here and there. Klimt 1918s' debut album, Undressed Momento, is so dreamlike & mesmerizing that fans of bands like Anathema, Novembre, Opeth, Duran Duran, and The Cure will fall in love with this gem! I can't get this thing out of my CD-player!!!! Favorite track: 7 Naif Watercolour

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell