Klimt 1918 - Dopoguerra (Prophecy) - Back
If "Undressed Momento" was a listener’s seduction, then "Dopoguerra" tops that! Italy's Klimt 1918 have shown a lot of maturity with their sophomore effort and have maintained a dreamlike sequence in crafty 80's Pop-like meets progressive metal musicianship. The Italian quartet have found a style similar to Katatonia, The Cure and U2 (similar to their debut). Whence putting a whole new outlook on the modern metal sound. Klimt metal or Klimt rock as a new category? Ickk, it doesn't sound inviting. Especially when you start to categorize. Nah... but really, these guys are in a class all of their own. They have managed to salvage The Cures' 80's melancholic guitar sound with catchy modern Katatonia riffs & breaks with early-U2 atmosphere. Hmmm.... with 10 tracks (an extra disc in the digipak version of 6 more tracks) and around 45 minutes, you still want more when it's over. But then, that's why they invented "continual play". Klimt 1918 sound like they have been around a lot longer than 2 albums (with the integrity of their song structures and all...), especially in the tracks "Snow of '85," "Nightdriver" and "They Were Wed By The Sea". The album artwork is equally as proficient. For some people just getting into Klimt 1918, give this album some listens before deciding what you like or dislike because it will either grow on you or just hit you right away. As a fan of a lot of variations in music, I believe Klimt 1918 hit the mark right between the eyes!

Rating: 97

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell