Korovakill - Waterhells (Red Stream) - Back
Austrian Mutants Korovakill bring forth a metal band that really sounds unlike any other. It's hard to describe their sound. Anywhere from Doom to Black Metal and Dark Metal to Medieval sound, these metallers bring something different to the table. Trying to pick out a band that sounded similar to Korovakill turned out to be harder then I thought. So here is a list of bands that some of their aspects seem similar to: Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Borknagar, Autumn Tears, My Dying Bride and Otyg. "Waterhells" will take you on an atmospheric mystical journey through a tale beyond the shores of time. Six sunken fishermen have angled their waves of the great sea into this CD. The band has a great concept for this album; it almost acts like a play, like in the vain of King Diamond. Throughout this opis the band uses different voices for different characters, which adds an aspect to this CD that is rarely found these days. Just for this idea alone I think everyone should listen to this album at least once to see what I'm talking about. I give this band much credit for their inventiveness. The only negative side that I found on this album is that some of the songs seem to weird to listen to, but without them would leave a whole in the story. Some of my favorite songs on this twelve song, forty-eight minute epic are the title track "Waterhells," "Into the Underwhirls," "The Shadowhordes," and "Within the Sunstorm." If Kovorakill continues to write music in this way, you may see this band getting well known rapidly. Well done gentlemen!

Rating: 79