Kreator - Violent Revolution (SPV) - Back
The new album is not limited to one style but mirrors Kreator's whole experience. We're back to concentrating on the band's aggressiveness again." That is what vocalist and guitarist Mille Petrozza said about his band's latest album, "Violent Revolution." Over the years Kreator has written some great thrash metal songs. There are a couple songs on this album that hit you like a wrecking ball. They include the title track "Violent Revolution" with one riff that could get your grandmother into the most pit and "System Decay" that makes you want to jump around and collide with everything around you. The prime music doesn't end just with those songs, a few others that I liked include "Reconquering The Throne," "Servant in Heaven - King in Hell," "Ghetto War," and "Mind on Fire." There are twelve blistering tracks and over fifty-six minutes of precision and brutality. Petrozza believes that this new album has let Kreator be themselves. If this is the case then I can't wait for another album from these German thrashers.

Rating: 90