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If you are looking to find the ideal Thrash Metal recording look no further because "Coma Of Souls" simply dominates with insane guitar riffs/solos, Mille's screams on vocals, drums and bass in perfect synchrony. I can't think of any past or recent Thrash recordings that dominates more than this album even though Destruction's latest "Inventor Of Evil" is simply awesome but still Kreator's "Coma Of Souls" out ranks it in my book.

A mild acoustic/clean tone guitars intro you to what becomes some heavy and fast riffing from Mille and Frank (ex-Sodom guitarist). There really is not a track on here that I dislike they are all to me original musically with some simply amazing riffs and solos. Everyone pitched in on the writing of this masterpiece the lyrics were all written by Mille Petrozza (guitar/vocals). Upon hearing their previous works i.e. "Endless Pain", "Pleasure To Kill", "Terrible Certainty", and "Extreme Aggression" this 1990 release blows them all away.

Songs from this album to hear first before you run off to purchase this Thrash Metal classic are: "When The Sun Burns Red", "People Of The Lie" and "Mental Slavery". In my opinion these stand out even more so then the rest of the tracks from this release. Getting Frank Gosdzik on lead guitar was a smart move because he has some amazing solos on here I'd say more technical than Mille's leads.

This is one of those releases that you can play repeatedly and not get sick of (at least in my case). I think what stands out the most are the guitar riffs and a good production done by Randy Burns. One caveat is if you look on the foldout insert it is missing lyrics on the 1990 release so it was reissued in 2002 with those intact. But anyway, if you like Thrash Metal and think I'm exaggerating in respect to this album's integrity get it yourself and then I'd like to hear some apologies!


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