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In my humblest of opinions "Enemy Of God Revisited" is a fantastic/classic Kreator release BUT will never top their 1990 release "Coma Of Souls". My relief was that Kreator didn't abdicate their Thrash Metal roots like they did in the 1990's and put out mediocre releases (e.g. "Endorama", etc.). The release of "Violent Revolution" was long well awaited to see how this one was and an absolute triumph once again which we could consider Kreator to be once again in the genre of Thrash Metal!!!

Once again Kreator has re-established themselves as Thrash Metal veterans who know how to kick ass! Of course if you take a lot at the lyrical content it's quite hate-fulfilled (all done by Mille) which reflects old Kreator writing style but more intelligently written. It isn't filled with Satanic lyrics really just flowing as hate mongers simply filled with darkness, death, murder, etc.

Analyzing the riffs (rhythms and lead guitars) Kreator has come up with some noteworthy tracks such as "Impossible Brutality" mixing Thrash guitar with melodic sections quite intriguing. Mixed of course with heavy fast rhythms and even some clean tone (to the utmost minimum amount). All in all this album has variety in the rhythmical structures as well as the lead guitar. The leads are not blazingly fast but well executed. Frank Gosdzik is no longer with the band and well I think he was in my opinion their best lead guitarist ever.

I think Kreator and Destruction are 2 phenomenal Thrash Metal acts both from Germany both going through lineup changes over the years but the restoration of some original members remain as well as new one showing off their talent. I'd have to say that "Coma Of Souls", "Violent Revolution" and "Enemy Of God Revisited" are Kreator's absolute best albums. "Enemy Of God Revisited" also contains some bonus live tracks on the CD and also comes with an incredibly long DVD filled with mostly live tracks and some video clips.

If you want quality, hate-filled lyrics, buzz sawguitars jamming intense Thrash Metal then "Enemy Of God Revisited" is an excellent choice of an album to check into. The guitars as I mentioned aren't entirely distorted there is some clean tone and clean vocals but a small fraction exists in this over 55 minute onslaught.

Get it today you won't regret it!!!


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