Kryoburn - Enigmatic Existence (Candlelight) - Back
Fear Factory, Pissing Razors, Machine Head, Slipknot, Meshuggah, all comes to mind while listening to Kryoburn’s “Enigmatic Existence.” Produced by Eddie Garcia of Pissing Razors, this is their debut album filled with mechanically heavy riffs. There are short, heavy, catchy riffs; precise beats; and down-tuned, robotic-like riffs, similar to Fear Factory. They even have some melodic choruses like Fear Factory. There is a band called Boiled Kilt from Germany that is probably the best comparison for Kryoburn. However, these guys have escaped from Carlsbad, New Mexico and every song on their new album shows this band’s potential. It’s a great start. They know how to created catchy riffs and are pretty tight. How could you not like the heavy riffs on this album? The only real negative things I heard were the electronic beats may have been over used a few times. But they are usually surrounded by energy filled riffs. The electronic beats and sound effects create an eerie atmosphere that doesn’t always work. Also, the vocal harmonies are off a few times, they need to work on them. Anyhow…this is a great disc to listen to when you’re pissed! Just make sure you don’t go after any pedestrians when you are listening to Kyroburn in your car.

Rating: 87