Kuru - Epidemic (Deathgasm Records) - Back
Intense riffs and relentless blast beats are the mark for “Epidemic.” This brutal death metal and grind assault is brought to you by Kuru. They have this nasty, raw sound, that kind of gives this record an extra edge, definitely more brutal. Probably due to the heavy down tuned guitars and pounding drums. It will make you think of Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and Skinless. Even the deep barking, guttural vocals are comparable to Cannibal Corpse. Even though Kuru has many things going for themselves, this is really just straightforward and repetitious. And at times their music can seem confused. The band may need to tighten up a little to…they just seem a little unorganized at times. Combine all that and it almost makes you thing they rushed to write the record. The fifteen songs and over thirty-one minutes are at least decent, but could be better. Generally the tracks are under three minutes and they seem kind of quick. I’m sure this will get some death metalhead’s attention, but probably won’t do much for other metalheads.

Rating: 71