Lars Eric Mattsson - Electric Voodoo (Lion Music) - Back
"Electic Voodoo" is Lars Eric Mattsson's third full-length solo album. The albums was released in 1991 and this re-release was remastered and put on the shelves again in 2001. Like Lars' other CDs, this disk is full of his mastery on guitar. Mattsson rips it up with a total of eleven tracks on this CD, one more track then the original release. "Electric Voodoo" has about fifty minutes of Lars making his guitar sing and tell you a story. Listening to Lars Eric Mattsson play guitar will show you why, Mike Varney, who has worked with Guitar Player Magazine and Shrapnel Records, looked at him back in 1985. Just saying that should get people interested in this complexity that this guitarist plays. So check it out, you may find something new you enjoy.

Rating: 84