Lars Eric Mattsson - Eternity (Lion Music) - Back
Originally recorded in 1988, "Eternity" has been re-released in 2001 containing new versions of the songs. The man in charge of this disk is Lars Eric Mattsson, a guitarist of classic metal and hard rock. This disk is Lars' first full-length effort, and its quite impressive. There are some amazing leads throughout this CD as well as some solos that shows that this man knows how to play. Every song has intense feeling, and you can tell that Mattsson loves playing the guitar. The music has been written well from the slow paced melodic riffs to the out right shredding attack. The original release of "Eternity" had nine tracks, but this re-release has twelve tracks adding fourteen minutes of music to the CD for a total of fifty-eight minutes of in your face guitar work. Lars Eric Mattsson has many years of playing the guitar left, lets see what he can do with it

Rating: 86