Law of the Plague - The War Inside (Sinternational) - Back
"The War Inside" is pretty much what you'll get when you open up the jewel case and throw the disc in your player. Law of the Plague are one of a very limited few amongst the American-generated metal scene that truly come at you without remorse or without trend. They just perform solid Thrash metal the way it had always meant to be!! With a more modern twist and with much crisper production, obviously, than the forefathers of Thrash... I'm still actually quite impressed with this fine product. Law of the Plague kinda put many metal styles together to formulate what they've become ranging from heavy metal to metalcore to mostly thrash and even some death metal (the more brutal guitar-tone) is quite apparent in the song structures. I'm not fond of all the styles that they've blended together, but much credit is deserved to all 4 members for creating something unique and dynamic. A lot of metalheads that are already into bands like Mushroomhead, Black Label Society, Prong, and Arch Enemy will dig this! Enjoy......

Rating: 80

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell