Lelio Padovani - Unknown Evolution (Independent) - Back
Lelio Padovani teaches rock/metal and fusion guitar at multiple Italian music schools. Certain parts of his compositions are reminiscent to Dream Theater and instrumental musicians that solo in that vain. Lelio is much more stylized creating a sound distinct from the rest. “Unknown Evolution” is a purely instrumental album in the progressive metal vain along with acoustic arrangements and layered guitar work with expertise and professional care. Every song is impressive for different reasons. A lot of this is due to his ability of making his guitar convey the message instead of vocals. With amazing arpeggios, harmony and precision you can find yourself getting lost into his music. His solos are very clean and precise; it’s what you would expect for someone who teaches this style of music. At times he gets artsy with his work and it’s almost to the point that he has too much going on. It doesn’t happen often, probably just enough to showcase his ability and not too much to confuse the listener. The songs split the time between electric and acoustic and this also shows the variation of what he teaches. I enjoyed the majority of the tracks particularly “Evolution,” “Il Soffio Dell’Angelo,” “Icelandic Skies,” “Quartet,” and “Restless.”

Rating: 79