Lennon - 5:30 Saturday Morning (Arista) - Back
The influences and styles that Lennon uses in her songs are many. Anything from industrial to rock and metal to trance, it all combines together to form a rather different sound. Lennon Murphy is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter that has created her own sound through the layers of music put in each song. She has even received comments from MTV's Kurt Loder that state, "...it's incredibly refreshing to come across a teenage performer who: 1) Isn't Blonde; 2) Writes her own songs; 3) Actually plays an instrument, and; 4) Kicks ass." I pretty much agree with those statements. I believe that she has the edge of Kitty in her, but seems that she likes to keep it down to a Hole/Drain STH sound. Is Lennon a metal band? No, not really, but there are some heavier riffs in the songs. It would be safe to say that the band is a hard rock band. There are a total of twelve tracks that push into nearly fifty minutes of music. Of the twelve songs I have pulled out a few of my favorite tracks for you to check out. They are "Brake Of Your Car," "Those Days," "Morning," and "These Days," which might be my favorite songs. If anyone is into hard rock bands, and female singers you might want to check out "5:30 Saturday Morning," it will probably be right up your alley.

Rating: 74