Leonardo - The Absolute Man (Magna Carta) - Back
An interesting approach to tell about a persons life is to make a CD about their life. This is what we have on this CD. It is the story of one of the most famous artist of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. This album is composed with a typical band for the core, with orchestrated sounds and some of the famous voices that everyone has heard. There aren't many metal sounds until you get to track four, "Reins Of Tuscan." This song sounds like Dream Theater. It sounds like this for one distinct reason, the voice of Leonardo is done by no other then James LaBrie of Dream Theater. Other people that are involved on this CD include Robert Berry, Chris Shryack, Michele Young and from Kansas, Steve Walsh. On this eighteen track CD of the life of Leonardo da Vinci you will find out how his life felt as the music changes to encompass all directions of progressive rock for over sixty-five minutes. It is a wonderful journey and definitely a great one to take.

Rating: 80