LevelSix - On the Inside (Independent) - Back
Presenting a brand new aspect to the term "metal", we have here a 4-piece band that calls themselves LevelSix. On the Inside is their 1st full-length and brings a very mature sounding band to the brink of hard rock, heavy metal, and alternative. Literally, there are moments that sound like COC, sometimes sounding very punk like Rancid, other times I hear Iron Maiden and Soundgarden simultaneously. There are even points of reference to jazz at times. LevelSix have a lot to show, but more to prove, as they are yet a very young band. There are some flaws with the vocal harmonies at times. I think Lou tries to do too much all at once, but has the right wavelengths in mind. LevelSix seem a bit lost in establishing their style, like they could sound totally different with their next album. I am impressed with almost all of their riffs as they all have that rock n roll feel, but seem to exaggerate the rock with a metal touch. It seems that the track that attracted me the most was "Fall With Me", which is like Alice In Chains crossed with Black Sabbath or COC! Very odd to describe, but very good to hear. A distinct approach, but one that could improve a little with a more solidified tone. You should quite honestly check these guys out for yourself....

Rating: 73

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell