Liecus - What Have They Come For? (Independent) - Back
Describing the music style of Liecus can prove to be hard. Maybe if you think on the lines of Tool, Korn, Deftones, and Stuck Mojo, but more intense like metallic hardcore. Or I guess you could say it’s like a nu metal band wanting to be metalcore. Maybe its not really nu metal, but a little under-polished. At any rate, “What Have They Come For?” is a decent disc. Nothing is overwhelming to the senses, but nothing is lackluster either. The one main complaint I have is they might need to develop the monotone clean vocals; they can get annoying after a while. But the screaming vocals are ferocious…pissed off and ferocious! Other than that, the thrashy riffs will attract more than people only into nu metal or metalcore. Liecus have the right elements, developing their sound more can only help.

Rating: 72