Liecus - Hypocrite (Independent) - Back
“Hypocrite” is the latest release from Liecus. Budding their sound, they almost seem more hardcore than nu metal now. A good comparison would be the band Tool, if they were a hardcore band. An assortment of riffs are reminiscent of Machine Head as well. There are a variety of choice-cut riffs that are catchy, and a mixture of ones that are brutal and vicious. It’s quite a selection! The clean vocals are a little better on this disc compared to their last disc, “What Have They Come For?”. There is more vitality in them. And the screaming hardcore style continues where they left off, maybe even more brutal? The six tracks and twenty-seven minutes are made up of five new songs and a live track, “Unnecessary Breathing”. “The Weak Link” and “Absolute” were the most appealing to me. Liecus is heading in the right direction…not a bad disc.

Rating: 80