Longing For Dawn - One Lonely Path (Cyclic Law Records) - Back
Quebec-based quintet, Longing For Dawn, have an extremely bleak style of drearily-proned atmospheres. Somewhat in the same vein of such bands as Skepticism and Evoken, they lavish in slow-methodical drone pulses and eerily atmospheric soundscapes. "One Lonely Path" is their debut and is delivered in a cool digipak layout with 5 dark hymns and close to an hour of slow, deep-growling doom metal ambience. LFD have that very epic sound with loads of keys and guitar harmonies, but also do not really hook the listener like the aforementioned bands do. Granted, doom metal is a style that may take some few listens to get the full-view on where a particular sound is headed, so I guess my one time through the disc isn't really enough for me to say "does not hook you". I do picture many blessed emotions as well as a lot of confusing aspects of the life and death continuum. I suppose it depends on your point of view. So this is Longing For Dawn... a slowly portrayed imagery of fragile thoughts lost in a sense of despair and solitude. This is for fans of very slow doom like Skepticism, Evoken, Thergothon, Morgion, and even Black Sabbath to some extent.

Rating: 73

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell