Look What I Did - Minute Man For The Moment (Combat Records/Koch Records) - Back
Now living in Los Angeles, Look What I Did has released their new album on newly reformed Combat Records. “Minute Man For The Moment” varies from extreme and intense hardcore to mellow and melodic, almost emo styles. The CD cover sticker says “If you like the Dead Kennedys, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Blood Brothers BUY THIS ALBUM!!” I guess I could see that along with a few others similarities like Candiria, Helmet, and Primus. The vocals go the same way as the music, loud and abrasive to calms and tranquil. Overall musically Look What I Did stay pretty aggressive. But, the songs have quite a contrast of feel. Parts seem just too weird to take serious at times. They cross up those elements with some really good parts. I just wish this were a little more consistent. It almost sounds like a hardcore band on hallucinogenic drugs…the Beachboys on a bad trip? Maybe say these guys are the Muppets if they were a hardcore band? Maybe it sounds like Weird Al if he had a hardcore band? I guess it seems childish and annoying, at times. Don’t think this is a total waste, there are a few decent track and musically they do have ability. It just seems misused. They are creative and can come up with some really out of the ordinary parts; it has too much contrast for my taste. Whatever you classify this, call me confused and a little annoyed.

Rating: 64