L.O.S.T. - Last Breath (Meta4 Productions) - Back
“Last Breath” is a five song MCD from the band, L.O.S.T. They formed only a couple years ago in 2004 and hail from Bucharest, Romania. Over the five tunes and twenty-one minutes plus of darkened metal you find a host of similarities with other bands that I hope you have encountered. As in Paradise Lost, old Anathema, Moonspell, and old My Dying Bride mostly. L.O.S.T. have traits akin to the dark, doomy death vibe. They aren’t to the level of the aforementioned, but it should give them a goal. Definitely some promising melodic death rhythms working for them. The death vocals are awesome, but the rarely used singing vocals need improvement. They are a little off. Production is decent, but a little polishing wouldn’t hurt, it would make this standout a little more, and probably a few of the tracks would gain a little power in the end. But help on the power side has already occurred. Over the summer of 2006 L.O.S.T. had a new member join the fold in guitarist Andrei Gângã. He was in some of the band members’ past bands. They already have a new album ready for this fall. So stay tuned!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins