Loudness - RockShocks (Crash Music) - Back
Is it possible that Loudness is still around and playing? Believe it or not, that is a yes! Forming in Japan back in 1981 Loudness set out to make an impact on the music scene. They have definitely made an impact, especially in Japanese rock. Known world wide, so I guess they accomplished their goal. “RockShocks” is a re-recorded best of album featuring most of the bands hits. Also included as bonus tracks are “Exultation,” “Lunatic,” and “R.I.P.” Their five albums “The Birthday Eve,” “Devil Soldier,” “The Law Of Devil’s Land,” “Disillusion,” and “Thunder In The East” are all represented by at least two tracks a piece on this compendium. Obviously if you are new to the band their style is dated, but what you need to understand is this is the legendary Loudness from Japan! It’s rockin’ metal with good solos, lively energy and a focused group of musicians. I feel like I’m in the 80’s when I listen to “RockShocks,” as well as it should. It might not be spectacular by today’s standards, but the songs definitely hold their own back in the day. The only thing to point out on the negative side for me is the higher singing vocals. Just sound whiney to me. Sixteen tracks almost seventy-nine minutes in length…they filled up every last spot on the disc. If you have their entire classic collection, “RockShocks” probably won’t do much for you except the bonus tracks. But if you are interested in checking them out for the first time, this will give you a great impression of what they were all about.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins