Low Twelve - Flesh of the Weak (Independent) - Back
Low Twelve was created in 1998 and was founded by bassist/lead vocalist Pete Altieri and guitarist Tim McCleland. Their first full-length CD is entitled "Flesh of the Weak," which follows their EP "Kill Floor." This album has the sound of Pantera and Slayer, heavy and furious. There are quite a few catchy riffs throughout the disk to keep your blood flowing and your head banging. Some of the songs that I like include "Begging to Die," "Twelve," "Enemy of the State," "Meltdown," "Kill Floor," and my favorite track is the first track "Brutal World." The sixteen tracks on this seventy-one and a half minute CD is composed of eleven studio tracks, five live tracks, and an extended intro track. "Flesh of the Weak" is a good and heavy thrash album that I'm sure will grab some people's attention and scare away the posers.

Rating: 80