Luca Turilli - King of Nordic Twilight (SPV) - Back
"King of the Nordic Twilight" is a very impressive album by Luca Turilli. This is Luca's first solo album. You may know Turilli from his guitar playing in his band Rhapsody. Now I am looking for just about anything by this amazing guitarist and band. The best way to explain the sound is to cross the sound of Stratovarius and Therion. If you do that you will have a good understanding on what this band sounds like. This German band is simply amazing. Throughout this album, the songs keep interesting. Not once was I bored with this album. From the heavy paced riffing to the slower melodic tones to the great solos, this album is well written. If you are into any form of metal, especially power metal, you will like this album. A few of my favorite songs include "Black Dragon," "Legend of Steel," "The Ancient Forest of Elves," and "Where Heroes Lie." This 11 track CD sits on the verge of 50 minutes of listening pleasure. This is yet another great pick up by SPV records. "King of the Nordic Twilight" is the first album by this band, just think how good they will be on their next album and into the future. It's definitely something that I would like to see.

Rating: 91