Lucid Fear - Mistro (Independent) - Back
Lucid Fear’s “Mistro” is a self-produced demo, which sounds as good as some signed band’s full-length albums. This sextet from Larvik, Norway plays symphonic black metal and is comparable to a host of greats. “Mistro” in the vein of early …And Oceans, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Emperor, and Old Man’s Child. Lucid Fear is a band that most people haven’t heard of, however some members of the band have been in other groups you may be familiar with including Sarcoma Inc., Trail of Tears, and Svartahrid. So yes, these Norwegians have the experience needed to climb to the top of the genre. Upon listening to the six tracks and thirty minutes demo, you will find tons of double bass drums and blast beats, inspiring guitar leads, two main vocals: raspy black metal vocals and enchanting female vocals, and the keys tie everything together with suitable atmospheres. Dark and intense! Every tune is at least decent. Most are good. Now that I have a taste of this band I need more! It’s like a drug – Norwegian metal heroin! With a demo this appealing, someone should sign this band immediately! I’m sold on this band. “Mistro” is an awesome disc! Only question is, how far can Lucid Fear go?


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins