Lucyfire - This Dollar Saved My Life At Whitehorse (SPV) - Back
Well first off, so people know a basis of the band, Johan Edlund of Tiamat is main man in Lucyfire. It's said that it is "Edlund's Alter Ego." The title of this disk is entitled "This Dollar Saved my Life At Whitehorse," and it is the first CD by Johan's new side of creativity. Lucyfire isn't a metal band, not really by any means. But it was a surprise to me how much I liked this CD. It's more of a gothic/industrial style band, but maybe with a little bit of hard rock included. But all together the album is pretty easy to listen to, and quite relaxing and rockin' at the same time! The CD has eleven tracks that last for over forty-five minutes, which I think is absolutely perfect for this disk. My favorite songs on "This Dollar Saved my Life At Whitehorse" are "Thousand Million Dollars," "Over & Out," and "Automatic." Some other songs that I thought were decent include "Baby Come On," "As Pure As S.I.N.," and the ZZ Top cover "Sharp Dressed Man." Like I was pretty surprised by this CD, so I wouldn't mind at all if Johan puts out another album with this band, it's new good approach.

Rating: 86