Lullacry - Vol. 4 (Century Media Records) - Back
Female fronted band Lullacry has released their forth album with the appropriate name, “Vol. 4.” For those unfamiliar with them, you can say they have a heavy goth-rock sound reminiscent of HIM, or a little bit of Sentenced… especially in the rhythms. While most of the music has energy and even can rock out at times (during certain choruses), they can also be a little bland as well. There’s something missing according to my ear. Maybe they need more atmosphere? Or not be afraid of the heavier side of their music. You would probably think being a goth influenced band that their music would be dark throughout the album. But they can get kind of cheery and poppy at times. Not what you would expect if you don’t know the band. If you check out the chorus of “Perfect Tonight” you will see what I mean. The only other negative thing to mention is that Tanja hits a few whiney notes, but she also can sound similar to Liv Kristine’s voice. So I guess you can say that balances out. One of the best tracks on the disc is, track 3, which was previously released on their 2004 EP of the same name “Fire Within.” Decent tunes, but more rock/pop oriented than I thought they would be. Still not a bad disc, but metalheads beware.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins