Lumsk - Åsmund Frægdegjevar (Tabu/Tuba Records) - Back
There is a bright moonlit sky shining upon the dark forest of Norways' Lumsk. This seven-piece ensemble performs a highly sophisticated form of Scandinavian Folk metal. The debut album, Åsmund Frægdegjevar, is a conceptual Norwegian tale of a knight whom sets out to save a kings' daughter. In intricate detail, each hymn on this disc tells the story. There are about 20 musicians assisting the atmosphere for this particular tale. The music itself, outside the clean female/male vocals, is very aggressive and atmospheric. Lumsk is a little reminiscent of a band called Finntroll in these respects. Aside from any genre definitions or other biased self-proclaimed factors, Lumsk is like a storyteller put into music form. Very exquisite. I highly recommend this for fans not afraid of exploring vast forms of hard music.

Rating: 88

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell