Lyfthrasyr - The Final Resurrection (Twilight-Distribution) - Back
Is it possible for a trio from Karlsruhe, Germany to create what it takes four to six Scandianvians in bands like Dimmu Borgir? The answer to that question is a resounding YES! On these eight songs over forty-six minutes of dark atmospheric black metal you find the answer to the question I just posed and much more. Much of this reminds me of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child and Dissection, more of the sooner than the latter. The combination of guitars, keys and drums from time to time will make you think you are listening to Dimmu. Sure this can be damn close their style, but surprisingly and pleasingly so. There is a pretty vibrant feel throughout the album most due to the up-tempo style they use. Keys play an important roll in their music adding mystical dynamics like in many black metal bands theses days. And the demonic vocals round out this band well, making this a complete effort. Production is admirable too; Mika Jussila did the mastering at well-known Finnvox Studios in Helsinki. I found myself getting into many of their blackened songs easily, so just because these guys aren’t on a big metal label don’t think they are not worth checking out. Which brings me to a question…why the hell aren’t they! “The Final Resurrection” is impressive, mostly because it’s the first album for Lyfthrasyr. This is something I’d expect to hear from a band signed to Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Candlelight, not just getting distributed by one of them (Century Media). In my opinion this has many of the elements that made bands like Dimmu Borgir known and their music likeable. I can’t wait for future efforts! Nice job!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins