Machinemade God - The Infinity Complex (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Forming only a few years ago, the German metalcore band Machinemade God have now released their first album “The Infinity Complex.” Modern hardcore with metal influences are an obvious aspect of their composition. Swedish death influence mixed with Euro-hardcore gives them their loud and uncompromising sound. Everything is good and heavy, I like to say brutifully heavy. Bands like Unearth, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying will probably pop in your head as you listen. “The Infinity Complex” doesn’t really rise above the average hardcore/metal band but still has its cool parts. I love the heavy riffs and pride granting leads. But I don’t like the clean monotone voice. Many bands use it, but I never got into it because it sounds week compared to the rest of the music. They should leave it out…it cuts the energy! This is however has a guest appearance by Hatesphere’s singer Jacob Bredahl, who also produced, engineered, and mixed this CD as well. Definitely for metalcore fans, most others may feel that this is just like every other band of the same genre. I could rate this higher than what I did, but the only problem is that the metal world is just too saturated with bands like this.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins