Mahavatar - Demo 2000 (Independent) - Back
Mahavatar is definitely one of the most unique bands that I have ever listened to. Their influences are from just about anything. Each of the members of the band are from another country originally. The vocalist, Lizza Hayson, is from Israel, Karla Williams plays guitar, she is from Jamaica, and their drummer is from Poland, his name is Peter Lobodzinski. This band has been working together since July 1999, and in that period of time, they have put out some pretty good songs. All the songs of this CD are good. They are anywhere from being groove influenced to melodic and from heavy and dark to tribal, it's a very dimensional CD. The vocal style is a little like Karen Crisis of Crisis, musically its hard to describe. Its tribal sound is similar to either Sepultura or Nile. The main base of their music is like Neurosis crossed with the new metal sound, and a little Tool. My favorite songs on this four song, seventeen minute demo are, "Open Your Minds" and "The Time Has Come." They are the more melodic songs on the CD, but "BH" and "The E Song" are good groove influences songs. The best way to find out about this band is to check out their website at Give this band a very deserved chance, they have put together something that really has not ever been put together. This demo is one of the best demos I have ever heard. This band has unlimited potential, I can't wait to see how they use it.

Rating: 76