Malebolgia - Requiem For The Inexorable 2004 Promo (Independent) - Back
Death metal band Malebolgia is now prepping people for on an onslaught to be named “Requiem For The Inexorable.” This fall the full-length will be released, but for now we have a two songs promo from that upcoming album. The tracks are filled with promising riffs in the brutal death vein. Thinks of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cephalic Carnage, and Dying Fetus, they all use fast guitars and drums that are chaotic, speed driven, and brutally heavy. I love the blast beats and they can really get their guitars to whine. These guys have lots of energy and intensity but the guitars can get too chaotic to the point that you can’t get into the music as much as you would like. Besides that there isn’t much to improve on. As I previously mentioned, there are two songs on this promo CD, but it only last for a little more that five minutes of Insane Brutality. The song lengths are fined, but I wish I had more to make a more accurate depiction of Malebogia’s music. It’s hard to judge a band on a couple songs. You can expect decent brutal death from these guys, and hopefully much more from their full-length.

Rating: 66