Maledictive Pigs - Bloodshed (Cudgel Agency) - Back
"Bloodshed" is the Maledictive Pigs third full-length album and their first album with the Cudgel Agency. The band started back in 1992, and their latest music continues their extreme metal somewhere in the vain of Immolation and Suffocation, which is a great cross. The nine tracks on this disk last for around thirty-three minutes. All the songs on "Bloodshed" are solid songs. My favorites include "Horrible Creation," "Merciless Killing," "Putrid Autopsy," and "Morbid Dreams." The Maledictive Pigs have played all over Europe, and with bands such as Krabathor, Vader, Sinister, and Fleshcrawl. They have also done a split seven inch with Skinless, which came out before "Bloodshed." This shows that they are active in the death metal scene, and that they are trying to spread the word of their band throughout that scene. Hopefully this album will give the Maledictive Pigs some recognition that they deserve.

Rating: 77