Malevolent Creation - Envenomed (Arctic Music Group) - Back
The Malevolent ones are back! Malevolent Creation has created another death metal masterpiece. "Envenomed" is filled with heavy, brutal, fast, catchy riffs, furious vocals and insane drumming. This album is much like the old days, in the early nineties. "Envenomed" is probably the best album since back then. It's so brutal it's like getting your fingers chopped off with a two hundred year old, rusty, dull, butter knife. The eleven tracks will trash you around and brutalize you for over forty minutes. The opening track "Homicidal Rant" is an unrelentless song, filled blast beats and fury, a great track. Other tracks that I thought kicked ass like the previous mentioned enclude: "Kill Zone" "Pursuit Revised," and "Conflict." "Night Of The Long Knives," "Serial Dimension," "Viral Release," and the title track "Envenomed," I also thought were good tracks as well. Don't leave yourself out of this one. This CD has many amazing tracks, and all songs have riffing that could sandblast the side of the Titanic to a glimmering metal shine. Any metal fan should have this CD, it's a death metal reawakening!

Rating: 92