Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
“Doomsday X” is a properly named tenth full-length from the brutal monstrosity known as Malevolent Creation. The band now has reached the 20-year mark and there is no sign that this relentless onslaught will cease any time soon.

A lineup change shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows this band. But this time they got back key members from the past. Brett Hoffmann returned to the line-up in 2006 to help with tours and “Doomsday X.” These pissed-off death vox showcase another clutch performance by Mr. Hoffmann!

Also returning to the fold since their last disc “Warkult” are two other key pieces from the past, Jon Rubin and Jason Blachowicz. They share the assault of shredding and brutal riffs with mainstay Phil Fasciana. Dave Culross once again plays blistering drums and rounds out this talented death metal quintet!

Not only has Malevolent Creation put together possibly their stongest lineup ever but they also have a guest taking part in this reformation of sorts. Mick Thompson (Slipknot) is guest guitarist and plays the second solo on the track “Deliver My Enemy.” I wonder how it feels for Mick to play with one of his biggest influences. Awesome I bet! It’s a great song to be on too, it’s one of the strongest.

Track 7, “Prelude To Doomsday” is a terrific instrumental and a heavy one at that. Riff like a smooth running chopper. Other highlights include “Cauterized,” “Hallowed,” and “Bio-Terror.”

I personally love the artwork for the CD. Mircea Gabriel Efteme form iDesign Agency did an excellent job. Can’t go wrong with piles of skulls, a roaring fire and a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. Does that say “Doomsday X” or what?

If you are looking for a solid death tune, you can play “Doomsday X” at random, and you’ll get one. Death metal the way it’s supposed to be, good enough to kill for!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins