Malvento - Regressus Ad Uterum (Vomitium Niger Productions) - Back
“Regressus Ad Uterum” is a compellation of Malvento’s three demo tapes “Camera Prima,” “Sacro Martirio,” and “Ignis Bellum Mors.” According to the booklet they were recorded in December 1998, May 2001, and December 2001, respectively. Malvento is a black metal from Italy. A lot is speed-driven and made up of blazing riffs and pounding drums. Nothing groundbreaking, kind of generic black metal. Comparable to a mediocre Marduk. The limited variation and repetitiveness got to me after a while. Simply put, it bored me a little. Production quality could be a problem for certain people. Unpolished but not unlistenable…hey, these are demos. However, I need to mention is the track listing. It’s a confusing tracklist. The listing is different on the back of the CD case then in the booklet. Regardless you can see how they developed as a band even though it may take you a little bit before you find out which order the tracks are playing. One last thing about this disc, is that I couldn’t listen to this all because around track ten the songs started skipping on the CD-R that was sent. To bad, what I heard might have been the best stuff of the disc. There are seventeen tracks and as a bonus “Immortalis Thirannis” which was taken from “Blut Und Hausen Vol II” for a total of nearly fifty-five minutes.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins