Mandatory Suicide - Demo-niac (Independent) - Back
Mandatory Suicide originally started out as a weekly jam session, but over the nine years they have been together, they now have become a pretty good metal band. Their music is generally thrash sounding, getting some influences from Megadeth, Old Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, and Annihilator. You can definitely hear their influences throughout this demo. The band has some good riffs on this disk and the solos are pretty good as well. "Demo-niac" is their latest demo, and with this demo they have been asked to join a couple record labels. This CD has a total of seven songs that last over thirty-two minutes of classic sounding thrash. My favorite song on this CD is "Under A Reign Of Lies." Some other songs that are decent include "When Death Tolls" and "Over-Control." Also, from what I understand, the band does some good covers including "Whiplash" (Metallica), "Troops Of Doom" (Sepultura), and of course "Mandatory Suicide" (Slayer). So people from Amsterdam and surrounding areas, you might want to check this band out live. Mandatory Suicide has a pretty decent demo. Maybe if they get signed they will get the production and direction they need.

Rating: 74