Manowar - Warriors of the World (Metal Blade) - Back
After a wait of almost six years, metal legends Manowar release their latest studio effort entitled “Warriors of the World.” The album has an American pride touch to it, probably in a response to what has happened in recent history. I was surprised when I heard this CD, I wasn’t sure if Manowar was up to the task again. They have created a complete album where most of the songs are good. The first two songs on this disk “Call to Arms” and “The Fight For Freedom” set the tone, and “Swords in the Wind,” “An American Trilogy” which is a U.S. Civil War battle hymn medley, Richard Wagner’s “The March,” “Warriors Of The World” the first single, and “Hand of Doom,” one of the heavier songs, finish up the reasoning behind why this is a good album. I was never a huge fan of Manowar in the past, but this album for whatever reason has sparked an interest. Anyone that has a similar outlook on this band should definitely give them another chance.

Rating: 79