Manowar - The Sons Of Odin (Magic Circle Music/SPV/Metal Blade Records) - Back
Manowar has graced the stage and studio for many years. In that time they did not have a release in an EP form. ěThe Sons Of Odinî is their first. This is a double disc EP. I know how that may sound, but let me explain. The first disc contains five tracks and twenty-five minutes of classic riffs and powerful vocals. In the ěImmortal Package digipak versionî it features a thirty-eight minute DVD. This bonus DVD includes footage from the first Manowar convention in documentary form, the bandís rehearsal for ěHeart Of Steelî with choir and orchestra, a promotional trailer of the 2005 Earthshaker Festival, a slideshow of the live photos including some from their fans, and lastly mixes of all five tracks on the EP in 5.1-Surround Sound. Itís quite a nice package for any true Manowar fan. The tracks start with two live tunes ěThe Ascensionî and ěKing of Kings.î Other tracks include the title track from their up coming full-length ěGods of War,î another new song ěOdinî (Orchestral Version), and lastly the namesake of the EP, ěThe Son of Odin,î which is probably my favorite of the tracks. Well, there you have it. Manowar fans unite and check this out.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins