Maple Cross - Next Chapter (Verikauha Records) - Back
A rather mediocre thrash attack. However, Maple Cross do have that death n roll sound also, which is a rather trendy direction these days. I don't mind this one, though. "Next Chapter" features 11 tracks of a well-crafted plethora of metal genres and may appeal to fans of the thrash and power metal fan-base. From the extremely rock n roll ("Simply Simplicity") direction to the more progressive thrash sound ("World Wide Mystery"), Maple Cross has created a uniquely-molded metal approach. From heavy thrash aggression to rockin groove melody and vocals that remind me of "Overkill-Priest" if you will, is a rather odd mixture.... but they don't really sound unorthodox either. I won't say this release is stellar, but ironically won't refer to "Next Chapter" as anything bad. It's refreshing for the thrash n groove metal ears! You'll just have to check it out for yourself.

Rating: 74

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell