Marazene - MechiNation (Independent) - Back
Industrialized music has morphed into many things over the years and Marazene open a new chapter with their new album “MechiNation.” Musically the band seems to have some influences from bands like Ministry, Static-X, Fear Factory, NIN, Dope, Marylin Manson, and are pretty similar to a lesser know band, The Shizit. Probably some influences from Subsonic and Bile as well since a couple of the members were in those bands. On this disc they play powerful industrial metal that includes layered synths, colorful digital arrangements, memorable riffs and authoritative vocals. This rhythmatic machine incorporate various industrialized riffs that you will find rather easily to get into. When mixed with a fast tempo, these heavy beats are awesome! They fill you up with energy and make you wish you were in a mosh pit. On the mic there are yelling vocals with a grimace. Kind of reminds me how Trent Reznor or Marilyn Manson do their vocals, or even Disturbed’s singer David Draiman depending on which approach you are taking about. There are fifteen tracks almost fifty-three minutes on “MechiNation.” A few tracks are industrial interludes or experimental pieces. The only thing to complain about is a few beats almost sound like techno. Sure that’s not a problem if you are a fan of techno, but the majority metalheads don’t really care about that. Most tracks are respectable, a couple that I like the most include the title track “MechiNation” and “Give (SkumF***erz).” “Xecute,” “Infidel Society,” and “Antithesis” was featured on Matrix Revolutions DVD and Matrix: ReCalibrated box set. Industrial metal fans, take a listen.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins