Marplots - Split From The Dark Side (Independent) - Back
Italian band Marplots released their first release in 2005 with their demo “Madness Stabs Your Mind). In 2006 the band releases their new promo disc “Split From The Dark Side.” Their music can be depicted as metal/thrash with a little nu metal for flavor. I hear some Fear Factory influence along with Slipknot and Chimaira. This promo has groove driven beats with catchy heavy riffs. Both make their music appealing. The guitars seem to be downtuned to give them an extra heaviness. Their heavy downtuned riffs, like in “Awake Alone,” are cool as hell! Filled with energy and a good beat. Also, some electronica elements are parallel to the aforementioned bands. The music is decent, but it all sounds like it’s been done before. That’s the only really negative about the band. Marplots use a vocal variation, which adds to their resonance. Rough death vocals and singing vocals with reverb are used throughout. In addition there are guest vocals by M.V. (Disclose and ex Browbeat singer) and Miguelon (Overflow). The tracklist consists of three songs and the CD last for over sixteen minutes. “Dreams and Pains” sounds almost radio worthy, and they have a decent aura in “Dust.” However, if they write more tracks like “Awake Alone” I think they will awaken more eyes…as I said, it’s not bad but seems like its been done before.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins