Masi - Eternal Struggle (Lion Music) - Back
Alex Masi got his start back in 1984 when his band Dark Lord was born. A short three years later in 1987, Alex landed in Los Angeles to record for Metal Blade Records. In 1989, his first solo effort received a Grammy Nomination for Best Rock Instrumental. "Eternal Struggle" still shows why he was nominated for a Grammy for "Attack of the Neon Shark," and how he's now back. There is some really amazing guitar work on both electric and acoustic guitars found throughout this disk. This mastery goes on for nearly an hour and for twelve tracks. There is even a cover for the Foreigner song "Blue Morning, Blue Day." Alex does know what he is doing when he is playing the guitar, but this CD isn't perfect. Overall "Eternal Struggle" was written well, but at times it seems as if something was missing or the 80's style was interfering with the times. Masi has a grabbed my attention and I hope to have another dosing in the future.

Rating: 80