Masterplan – Aeronautics (Candlelight Records/AFM Records) - Back
“Aeronautics” is the US debut release for Masterplan, but it’s their second album for this Germany-based band. Metalheads in Europe have already received a lethal does from these guys. Members from various bands comprise Masterplan. Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch are from Helloween, Jorn Lande is from Ark, and Jans S. Eckert is from Iron Savior. That should explain the style a little and that they definitely know what they are doing. Add Axel Mackenrott and you have a Masterplan. If you combined a little power metal, traditional heavy metal, progressive metal, and even a little neoclassical metal, you could create their sound. The band seems to complement each other more on this album than their first CD. Pleasant melodies during the choruses make you want to sing along with the powerful vocals. Hell, the production is better, even the songs are better overall. It’s hard to believe that they formed only a few years ago in 2002. Their first single and video “Back For My Life” is on this CD, along with some other choice cuts like “”Crimson Rider”, “I’m Not Afraid”, “Falling Sparrow”, and “Black In The Burn”. Over fifty-four minutes take flight on ten tracks. For people that have the ears for power metal laden music.

Rating: 86