Mastic Scum - Scar (Cudgel Agency) - Back
“Scar” is Mastic Scum’s second studio album, and this disc should split some heads. The bands that popped into my head when I started listening to this album were Napalm Death, Katakylsm, and Entombed. They are definitely similar to those bands, full of energy and hatred. Death and grind seems to come easy to Mastic Scum, there are lots of decent tracks on this CD. The production is nice, and the band keeps the music pretty tight as well. These guys have lots of potential. All the tracks had their good parts like lots of catchy riffs and buzz saw sounding guitars, but their wasn’t any track that really stood out. There a quite a few tracks that I think are worth mentioning. “Face To Face,” “Distance To The Truth,” “The Daily Grind,” “One-Track Minded,” and “Liar” should get some people to impale their friends or at least give them a good bludgeoning. Mastic scum has so much energy in their music that their shows have to be crazy; they must get the pit going. This albums hits like a punch to the face. If you need something to wake you up in the morning, these guys could do it!

Rating: 78