Maudlin Of The Well - Leaving Your Body Map (Dark Symphonies) - Back
Leaving Your Body Map" is the second disc of the two CD that Maudlin of the Well has released at the same time. I think this disk is the better of the two, and the only reason is that I just like the songs better. Actually, I think I like all their songs on this disc. Once again, they have made a CD that is over an hour long, with ten tracks that will ponder how they write their music. Aspects of Death, Doom, Jazz, Blues and much more can also be found on this disc. Jason Bitner has stated that collectively the band likes "The Garden Song" as one of their favorites, and I have to agree, it is definitely a great song. Some of my other favorites includes "Stones Of October's Sobbing," "Sleep Is A Curse," "Riseth He, The Numberless." If you are only going to get one of these two CDs I suggest you getting this one. But, I highly recommend anyone getting both. Any fan of music in general should appreciate what Maudlin Of The Well has done with both of these discs.

Rating: 87