Maudlin Of The Well - Bath (Dark Symphonies) - Back
If you're a fan of music that is unlike any other band, then Maudlin of the Well is definitely for you. Maudlin has written two CDs at the same time. The first one is entitled "Bath." Classifying this band is just about impossible because they use so many different forms of music, and instruments. During an interview, I asked Jason Bitner, of Maudlin, how he described their sound and said that he doesn't like to describe or label music, but if you had to name it something it would be enveloping. I think that is probably the best way to describe their music, it's so complex that any description wouldn't accurately describe their music anyhow. I have tried to think of bands that best describes their sound. Their music changes from song to song, using any number of instruments and styles. Aspects of Death, Doom, Jazz, Blues and much more can be found in their music. One band that stayed in my head at the end of listening to this album was My Dying Bride. How close does that describe their music? Really not to much of it, but definitely enough to hear it. Another thing that is hard to do with Maudlin of the Well music, is to pick out some favorite songs. All their music is written extremely well, and just sounds good. Which of the two disks are better is a personal preference, and since they were wrote, recorded, and release at the same time, there really isn't much to differentiate them by. In the interview I did with Jason, he told me that the bands favorite song on this disc is "Birth Pains Of Astral Projection." My personal favorites on "Bath" are "They Aren't All Beautiful" and "Geography." This disc has over an hour worth of music on it, with ten tracks of unlimited direction. So don't ponder what I have tried to describe, take a listen yourself.

Rating: 79