Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War (Season of Mist) - Back
Mayhem, considered by many as the creators of the world's black metal scene, has a new album called "Grand Declaration Of War." One may say that these legendary black metalers will always have their dedicated fans supporting them in whatever they do. This album might show who is the true dedicated fans because this album is quite different then any of their past albums. Some might call it progression and some might call it following the trend, but Mayhem has introduced an Electronic aspect to their music, following bands like Ulver and Satyricon. One may now say that they have changed from the leaders to the followers. Mayhem did not industrialize every songs on this album, just a few. But the majority of the rest of the album seems to be thrown together. From the raspy and clean vocals that do not coincide like it seem they should, to the short out takes and songs that seem were just thrown together so they could get an album out; this album is a disappointment to me and others. The only song that I can say that I really enjoyed was "A Time To Die," and even this song takes a minute to get going after the spoken word in the beginning and only last 2 minutes after. There are 13 tracks on this CD and it lasts over 45 minutes. True Mayhem fans make sure that you have a listen to the album before you buy so you aren't disappointed. Mayhem will be touring the United States during the summer with Exhumed and Hate Eternal. You can be assured that their live show is better then this album.

Rating: 68